Anastasia Martzipanova by Murbo 2

Russian model Anastasia Martzipanova (Анастасия Марципанова) hails from St Petersburg. Nastya, as she is known, is a former Playboy Playmate and is married to the photographer Murbo and they have a daughter together.

Nastya shows some partial boob with her favorite photographer Murbo.

Anastasia Martzipanova (Анастасия Марципанова)
DOB: 01-January-1991
Height: 175cm
Born: Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Murbo Dagldiyan
Russian photographer Murbo Dagldiyan has been taking photos since 2006. He has developed a style that is bright and clean which captures his models perfectly, and he gets to shoot some incredible models! He is dating the stunning model Anastasia Martsipanova and has a studio in St Petersburg.
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