Anastasiya Scheglova by Alexey Trifonov

Russian model Anastasiya Scheglova is one hard working model. She takes pictures in exotic locations and takes most of the naked. She’s also done some acting in TV. She’s married and lives in Moscow.

Nastya shows off her tits with see through tops for Alexey Trifonov.

Anastasiya Scheglova (Анастасия Щеглова) (AKA Nastya)
DOB: 19-February-1995
Height: 173cm
Born: Russia
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Alexey Trifonov
Russian photographer and Moscow native, Alexey Trifonov loves football and taking photos. And that means he gets to hang out with some of the most beautiful women in the world – naked. Because of the photos, not the football. I assume. Lucky man.
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