Ekaterina Zueva by Mr. Foxy Shot 3

Siberian Playboy and Maxim model Ekaterina Zueva is a talented woman. Besides being a stunning model with an Instagram empire of 2 million followers, she has her own fashion brand, “ZUZU” and has had some roles in movies, including Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Her hobbies include tennis and yoga. And getting naked. She lives in Moscow. Not to be confused with the MMA fighter (or is she dangerous as well as sexy!?)

Katya shows how lingerie and underwear should be worn for Mr Foxy Shot.

Ekaterina Zueva
DOB: 29 December 1991
Height: 170cm
Born: Siberia, Russia
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Mr Foxy Shot
Russian photographer Mr Foxy Shot has been taking pictures of women since his teens. While photography is still a hobby, he now gets to travel the world with beautiful women. That’s a great hobby! That’s all I can find for now, unfortunately, so we will let his pictures speak for him.
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