Jordana Brewster by Katie Bleacher and Dean Everard (Bleacher+Everard)

American actress and model Jordana Brewster made her acting debut on TV’s “All My Children”. She is best known for her role in The Fast and Furious franchise. Her mother is former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Maria João. She was born in Panama, but she grew up in London, then Brazil and finally New York. She is a Yale graduate. Beautiful and brainy. That’s some serious sexy! She has dated celebrities Derek Jeter, Jimmy Fallon and Mark Wahlberg before finding her husband, who is the producing partner of Michael Bay. She has 2 sons.

Jordana lies around for Bleacher+Everard.

Jordana Brewster
DOB: 26-April-1980
Height: 170cm
Born: Panama City, Panama
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Bleacher and Dean Everard (Bleacher+Everard)
Husband and wife photography team Katie Bleacher and Dean Everard (Bleacher+Everard) are based in New York and Connecticut. They collaborate with some of the top designers and creative directors in the industry and have shot some of the biggest celebrities.
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