Lykke May Andersen for Playboy by Sasha Eisenman (NSFW)

Victoria’s Secret model May Andersen is one of Denmark’s sexiest exports. She was discovered on the streets of Copenhagen by a keen-eyed photographer in 1985. She has acted on the big screen with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in A Second Chance. And she has dated a string of celebrities including Stephen Dorff, Jackass’ Steve-O, Kid Rock and has a son with Julian Schnabel, the American painter and film-maker.

May gets naked in the pool for Playboy by Sasha Eisenman.

Lykke May Andersen (AKA May Andersen)
DOB: 16 June 1982
Height: 178cm
Born: Copenhagen, Denmark

Sasha Eisenman
Playboy photographer Sasha Eisenman knows naked women and captures them forever. He has also had the world’s biggest fashion magazines as clients. He grew up in California and is a surfer with a talent for carpentry. He is the founder of SunGodz.
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